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The Beginning of The Rite Effect

The Rite Effect developed out of a young girl's dislike for ordinary school. As a young scholar, Dr. ShaRon Dukes was never fond of going to school. Though her grades reflected an enthusiasm for academics, her heart was somewhere else. Her reason for waking at the crack of dawn and staying past the final bell was her membership in various clubs and organizations.


Dr. Dukes has dedicated her career to working with educators and students in promoting the importance of extracurricular and co-curricular activities for K-12 schools. She and her team are dedicated to developing K-12 student affairs programs to promote academic motivation, career/college readiness, belonging, and positive school climate.

Dr. Dukes holds a doctorate in Curriculum & Instruction; Masters in Higher Education & Student Affairs, and a Bachelors in English. She is an HBCU advocate and pillar for K-12 Student Affairs. 


Schools are searching for effective ways to improve the student learning environment & increase academic success. The Rite Effect provides an educational approach with a twist. The theoretical framework of liminality during adolescent years coupled with the conceptual framework of the rite of passage provides our context for changing the view of education.


The Rite Effect is an intentional rite of passage intervention implemented through a school-based, adult-led extracurricular activity (club/organization) to optimize the student education experience & increase belonging within the school community. 

The Rite Effect is composed of 12 Phases inspired by the rite of passage works of David Blumenkrantz & Marc Goldstein.


Click the link below for the 12 Phases

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